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Welcome to Smart Bitch. 

Below you will find everything we currently offer:

Basic Bitch:
The 12 Week (online) basic obedience Program

This program will be offered only at select
times during the year. Read about our up and coming enrollment periods below.

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Private Services 

 The Consultation 

Interested in our Private Virtual or In-Person Training? Then, consult with the Smart Bitches on a live Zoom call. The Consultation is the first point of contact and the very first meeting you will have with the trainers. Whether your need professional advice or want to fix an ongoing issue with private training... this is where you will start! 

The (Virtual) Consultation is a requirement to utilize our Virtual Private Training or In-Person Private Training. 

In-Person Private Training

Consultation Required.

We offer two types of in-person training: 1 hour D.I.Y. Coaching (we coach you in your home or place of preference) and/or 30 minute S.M.A.R.T. (Skill Maintenance and Retention Training) Day Training.


Our service area is no more than 15 miles outside of 70116. 

Virtual Private Training 

Consultation Required.

No matter WHERE you are... we virtually coach (Digital D.I.Y. Coaching) you through training your dog.  Payment plans included!

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Self-Paced Study

Online Courses

 Go at your own pace with our extensive online Bitchy courses covering a wide range of popular topics! Get access to our Smart Bitch library, packed with resources to set you and your dog up for greatness! 

Show me courses!

Coming Soon