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Do you train aggressive dogs?

If its a dog, we'll train it! We actually have quite a bit of experience dealing with complex behavioral issues... including aggression! And have seen long-lasting results with our pups and more confident, happy parents!

Can you train my dog to be a guard dog?

No, Smart Bitch does not provide protection dog training services.

Can you train my dog to become a service dog?

To answer this question, We feel like we need to clarify what a service dog is. A Registered Service Animal is any animal that helps someone with a disability or an impairment to complete a task neccessary for everyday life. The most obvious example of this is a seeing-eye dog for the blind. Dogs who complete tasks such as this go through special training programs that can take years to achieve, and sometimes they do not make the cut. Therefore, not every dog can be a service dog. Furthermore, dogs who are Registered and Required Service Animals are permitted to enter any premises their handler goes as mandated by the Federal Goverment and are not considered pets. If you are actually looking to have your dog become an Emotional Support Animal, then we can help you with the obedience side of things. To have your dog recognized legally as an Emotional Support Animal, you will need a doctors approval. Emotional Support Animals do not carry the same weight as Service Animals, and therefore, can be kicked out of an establishment if their behavior is undesirable. So even though training isn't techncally required to have an Emotional Support Animal, we highly suggest it since it will be hard to convince someone that your dog is an ESA if they are barking at everything that moves. And lastly, if you want your dog to become A Therapy Dog, we can also help with the obedience side of things and prepare your pup to achieve the AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. A Therapy Dog is a dog who volunteers their time at nursing homes, hospitals, airports, etc., to help boost moral of the people who need it.

What types of dogs do you train?

ALL THE DOGS! Short Dogs, Tall Dogs, Skinny Dogs, Round Dogs, Crazy Dogs, Chill Dogs, Old get the point! We have experience training all types of breeds and temperments...from tiny, nervous teacup Chihuahuas to large, rambuncious, overly-friendly Huskies! Challenge accepted if you think your dog is no match for us!

Is my dog to old to be trained?

Age is just a number baby! Its an old wives tale that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Whoever said that CLEARLY has never met our Smart Bitch seniors.

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Do you offer group classes?

Yes! Our Live Living Room Group Classes, which are done LIVE and online.. and also have an in-person component for local clients, called in-public practice workshops. Classes are on break until June 2021. Please keep checking back closer to this date to learn more and sign up!

What makes you qualified to train my dog?

Great Question! Any Joe Schmo can call themselves a dog trainer....but how can you really believe what their doing and saying is right? Taylor Barconey and Jiovany Alcaide are both CPDT-KA certified through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT), Accredited Dog Trainers (IAABC-ADT) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), and Fear Free Animal Trainers through Fear Free Pets. They strictly adhere to the most humane and scientifically up-to-date methods of training. For more information on these particular certifications, visit the bar on the bottom of the screen and click each icon of each respective organization! Smart Bitch strongly believes in continuing their education in their field, as dog training is a forever growing field. With these organizations that they are a part of (CCPDT, IAABC & Fear Free), they are required to continue their education, but also find it imperative to do so on their own. Your Smart Bitches are smart... and want to keep it that way!

How much does training cost?

Private Training: An intial consultation for either private in-person or private virtual training ranges between $150-$200. After the consultation, you may choose our private Virtual Training or private In-Person Training. Consultations are a stand-alone service, but they are intended to be the first step to a training plan in conjunction with a private training package. Live Living Room Group Classes: Our group classes are on break until June 2021. Check back closer to the date for more information on them! *Other fees may apply. Please review our Services page for more details!

What if I don't have enough time to train my dog?

Our S.M.A.R.T. Day Training packages are designed so that we do the training for you, while your away at work or enjoying some leisure time. However, even our S.M.A.R.T. packages require your participation (Coaching sessions are included), to make sure the training is working for YOU when we are not present. If you are not interested in participating in your dog's training process, then our training program may not be the best fit for you. But ... if you're just worried about up keep and homework, we'll teach you how to make the most out of 5-10 minute practice sessions and how to utilize real-life training opportunities. You'll see an adjustment in your dog's behavior with next to no intrusion into your regular lifestyle. It's YOUR dog's life, too, so its important they learn how to mesh well with you!

Do you offer guarentees or refunds?

Dog training is a process that will require you to keep up your side of the bargain. Since our training is wholy dependent on the dog's performance and pace, we will not offer any guarentees as that is completely unreasonable, and we are not fortune tellers. We are, however, extremely confident that you will be delighted with the results and have a complete understanding on what makes your dog tick. All sales are final and we do not offer refunds, unless due to extenuating circumstances.

Where do you train dogs?

If you are local... we come to you! Typically, most private training sessions will occur at your home....but if want to train somewhere more exciting, we've been known to frequent the park, the French Quarter, dog-friendly stores, coffee shops, and an occasional bar. You name the place and we'll tell you if its possible! Our service area is no more than 15 miles outside of the Treme, New Orleans 70116! If you live 15 miles outside of that location, ie Slidell, Convington, Laplace, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Belle Chase, and etc, we recommend doing Virtual Training with us instead! Visit 'Services' and then 'In-Person Private Training' for more information on our service area! For non-locals: Zoom! Virtual Training!

So how many trainers will be training my dog?

TWO! Smart Bitch works as a pair so you'll be getting TWO Certified Professional Dog Trainers for ONE price!

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes! Just like any other professional service, we require that all clients sign our Training Service Agreement to make sure you know exactly what you're getting into with us! For those who also utilize our S.M.A.R.T. sessions, there is an additional agreement which includes a Veterinary Authorization Release Form in the event of a medical emergency. But never fear! These agreements aren't scary, and we invite you to check them out! Just click a photo below to peep our "fine print:".