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Dog Training that fits your. lifestyle.

Get your dog to listen to you with simple force-free & fun training techniques!

Get your dog to listen & perform for you!

Get faster results with two trainers for the price of one!


Stronger Bond

Enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle with your dog for the rest of their lives!

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So why choose       

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We can think of a few reasons....

In-Depth Comprehensive Consultations

Individualized Training Plans

Flexible Appointments

Fully mobile, In-Home Training

Virtual Training, no matter where you live

Video Progress Reports

Open Communication

And Much, much more!

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ok, I'm interested in hiring smart bitch!

Welcome to Smart Bitch, Taylor & Jio's domain! Thank you SO MUCH for your interest in our dog training company. To get started, go ahead and click the link below to review our services: