• A stable internet connection

  • A laptop/ desktop computer with a webcam, microphone, & speakers!

  • A mobile device (smartphone or tablet)

  • A Zoom Account (don't worry, sign up is easy & FREE!)

  • a Dog....(duh.)

  • & lots of yummy treats!


So...What is this anyways? 


So you know all of those boring online courses you took in school? THIS AIN"T IT! You will be up and moving, for starters, and there isn't any reading material that will make your eyes bleed. Think of it like a gym...but better because you'll be training your dog's brain!

(Like you've always meant to, but never got around to...)

Live Living Room Group Classes are virtual classes hosted on Zoom where we will be covering various skills related to that class's curriculum. All classes will have BOTH trainers present and will be limited to 6-8 people to allow us to effectively coach every student.




What do I need to join?

For you to get the most out of class, we will need to see and hear you, and you will need to see and hear us. To make that happen, you'll need:




What are the price options?

Much like a gym, you have 4 options when signing up for Group Class:

Single Class Drop-in

Single Class Drop-in

Want to dip your toes in the water? Give a group class a try with a single class!




*Includes a $10 In Store Credit to spend in Nola Bark Market!


  • Student Enrollment for all 6 weeks Basic Bitch

  • 3 Practice Workshops (Choose 3 Dates within 6 weeks)

  • $30 In Store Credit to spend at Nola Bark Market!

*Click the Student Enrollment button below to purchase this package!*

3 for $92 or 5 for $150

Schedule as you go!

*3 Pass Includes a $30 In Store Credit

*5 Pass includes a $50 In Store Credit

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