Digital D.I.Y. Coaching

Ok. Your brain's been melted from The (Virtual) Consultation, you know whats wrong with your dog, and now you want to fix it...but how can you possibly train your dog without a professional right beside you? 

Easy....we WILL be right beside you!

This is the 21st Century, baby, and anything is possible, especially training your dog! So what if your 50, 100, 2,000 miles away, we got you.

SO...What can reaaally be coached?


Funny that you's a list:

  • Dog to Dog Aggression*

  • Dog to People Aggression*

  • Resource Guarding (Object Aggression)*

  • Leash Reactivity*

  • Barrier Reactivity*

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Excessive Barking 

  • Running Away

  • Destruction 

  • Hyperactivity 

  • Potty Training 

  • Fearfulness & Anxiety

  • General Obedience

  • Advanced Skills and Manners

  • Tricks!

  • Intro to Agility

  • Cooperative Care & Fear Free Techniques for Vet visits and grooming

  • Service/ Emotional Support Animal Skills**

But like...How...?

Well just like The Virtual Consultation, all Digital D.I.Y Coaching Sessions will take place in a Zoom Video Conferencing call. And per a virtual usual, you will need to see & hear us, and we will need to see & hear you....but that doesn't mean you need to buy any fancy tech or be tech savvy. A normal laptop or mobile device with internet access will suffice.

 (Zoom is super easy and we'll walk you through the process every step of the way!)

As for the actual training, before we jump straight into coaching you, we will thoroughly explain & demonstrate what exercises we have lined up for you that day and allow you to ask any questions you may have. Once you get a firm grasp on the task, we'll tell you where to position your camera so we can see you and your dog best, crank up the volume, and have you


Then we watch you & your dog (like two little virtual hawks) and coach you through any trouble you may be having....or if y'all are killing it, we'll tell you how to make the exercises more advanced.

Got Aggression?

No worries. During your consultation, we will have instructed you how to set up your environment for MAXIMUM safety so you have nothing to fear. And when it comes down to the actual training:

A fun little fact about aggression rehabilitation is....if the dog is aggressive during "aggression rehabilitation"....than its being done WRONG. Which is why we teach you the RIGHT WAY. At you and your dog's most comfortable pace.

(Trust us, we are safety QUEENS and its extremely important to us that you feel 1000000% comfortable & confident before taking the next step. We don't ever need to see a full on reactive moment to teach you how to fix it.)

Benefits of Digital D.I.Y Coaching

  • Coaching with BOTH trainers at the same time.

  • Same high quality training expertise at your finger tips.

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Any location

  • Dog training with minimal distractions & increased focus

  • Increased Safety 

  • Completely avoid unnecessary stress, anxiety, or excitement from you dog upon greeting guests. (Because we won't be actually entering your home.)

  • Exclusive access to our online Facebook group, The Bitchy Community!

  • Train in your jammies! Stay comfy! This is your house, after all!

  • And finally, exclusive access to our Marco Polo lineSeamless communication with the trainers to send & receive homework, videos, and updates through in between sessions.

What is 'Marco Polo'?


Marco Polo is a FREE walky-talky like smartphone app that allows you to send real-time videos to other app users. We are able to send updates, homework and practice assignments through it. And you are able to send updates, show practice sessions, and ask questions through it. Instead of needing to text or email us between sessions, you can just hit record and talk to your screen!


Private clients can send us Marco Polos at any time, with no limits.

So let's talk packages


All this sounds great right? Almost too good to be true? Well it gets even better. We have pay as you go packages to SAVE.YOU.MONEY!


(We won't virtually trap you....but you'll definitely want to stay!)

The Digital Starter

$370 | 3 sessions

3 bi-weekly payments of $123. Save $5!

But none of this is possible if you don't


So what are you waiting for??

All Sales Are Final and Non-Refundable.

*All aggression cases are taken on a case by case basis. Eligibility for Digital D.I.Y. Coaching for aggression will be determined during The Consultation. If deemed ineligible due to safety concerns, we will try out best to connect you with the closest certified professional in your area.

**Service/Emotional Support Animal Skills does not automatically deem your dog a legal service animal. Legal documentation from a licensed physician is required.